Guided Tours

For groups of ten or more

It is possible to make arrangements for groups of ten or more to enjoy a guided tour with one of our experiences tour leaders. There is an additional charge of £50.00 per group for the guided tours and advance booking is required.

The tour last approximately one hour and a quarter. Your guided tour will start from the Carriage Hall Courtyard Displays where you can view the DVD show, which illustrates the work of those who live on the estate throughout the year.

Your guide will then take you through the grounds and gardens, passing the stone, which marks the position of the front door to the original castle.

After viewing Garden Cottage and the sunken rose garden you will then head to the Castle Ballroom.

The Ballroom is the largest room in the Castle and here can see works of art by Landseer and Carl Haag , silver statues by Sir Joseph Edgar Boehm, Minton China and artefacts belonging to Kings and Queens throughout history.

Your tour guide will also show you some of the wonderful architecture of the Castle - the detailed stone panels dressing the exterior of the Castle, the beautiful hand painted ceiling and the intricate wood carvings on the staircase in the Ballroom.

If you group has a special interest, such as the monuments on the estate, the gardens or the forestry we can arrange for a personalised tour to suit your group.

To make arrangements for a guided tour please contact us to make arrangements:-

Telephone : 013397 42534
Fax: 013397 42034

Balmoral Castle