The Exhibitions

The Castle Ballroom, Carriage Hall Courtyard and Estate Exhibition

The highlight for every visit to Balmoral is the Castle Ballroom, the largest room in the Castle.

On display you will find works of art by Landseer and Carl Haag, silver statues by Sir Joseph Edgar Boehm together with Minton China and artifacts from within the Castle.

The Ballroom is still much used by the Royal Family today and is the venue for two big dances during Her Majesty’s stay at Balmoral. These dances are known as the Ghillies Ball and have taken place every year since Queen Victoria’s reign.

Balmoral Castle

New for 2019

In 2019 we are celebrating the 200th anniversary of Queen Victoria's birth with an exhibition in the Ballroom.

On display are objects and portraits from throughout the Victorian era and we take an in depth look at her time at Balmoral.

The current castle was built in 1855, to designs created by Prince Albert and the Aberdeen architect William Smith, and it is fitting that we celebrate Queen Victoria's life here with an exhibition of items that have a special place within the Castle.

The Ballroom Exhibition is the only room in the Castle available for viewing.   Please note that other rooms within the Castle are Her Majesty The Queen's private rooms and as such are not open to the public.

In the Carriage Hall Courtyard you can explore our wildlife display and also the Estate exhibition. You will also get an opportunity to sit back and enjoy our short film in HD, which shows the life on the estate today and how this 50,000 acre Highland Estate is managed.

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